Josh & Destinee’s Beautiful Family | Reno Family Photographer

I had the opportunity to follow this adorable family up in the mountains to play in a meadow.

sugarcoatedimages-9073 sugarcoatedimages-9129


The location was gorgeous and the cool weather was a nice break from the hot August heat.



They preferred a more relaxed and candid session. And we filled our time together with lots running around and laughter.

sugarcoatedimages-9092 sugarcoatedimages-9073 sugarcoatedimages-9096 sugarcoatedimages-9044



If you would like schedule your family portrait session please e-mail or call/text 775.835.3009.





A Birthday Cake Smash |Reno Family Photographer

sugarcoatedimages-8328 sugarcoatedimages-8338

 This sweet girl is turning one year old in just a few weeks, and to celebrate she ate a cake… one teeny tiny fingertip at a time.



But once she noticed her toes had been attacked by frosting, she decided to embrace the messiness.sugarcoatedimages-8356




After all, if you can pull off covered-in-frosting-and-still-cute then you might as well go for it.

sugarcoatedimages-8361 sugarcoatedimages-8389

If you would like to book your cake smash birthday session, email today! I look forward to working with you.

Aria is 13 days new | Reno Newborn Photographer


This gorgeous baby girl was so patient with me. Not a single fuss while I moved her all around.

sugarcoatedimages-6415 sugarcoatedimages-6433

And look at all that HAIR!

sugarcoatedimages-6392-2 sugarcoatedimages-6452-2 sugarcoatedimages-6456-2

If you would like to book a newborn session for your adorable bundle, email The best time to reserve your spot is while you are pregnant.

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Shively Wedding – Reno Wedding Photographer

Everything about this wedding was perfect. The couple was adorable, the location gorgeous, the colors soft, and the guests were fun.

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Less than 8 hours old – Reno Birth Photography

One of the newest options from Sugar Coated Images is a fresh 48 session. This is a session that takes place right in the hospital room, capturing those precious first moments together. It can be just the new parents and baby, or such as this case, may include family members stopping by to meet the new bundle for the first time.

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Baby M is One! – Reno Baby Photography

I had the opportunity to photograph this adorable red head as a newborn and again on her first birthday. And despite the sprinkling rain, we captured smiles and some adorable moments.

sugarcoatedimages-0832 sugarcoatedimages-0870 sugarcoatedimages-0874 sugarcoatedimages-0805 sugarcoatedimages-0812 sugarcoatedimages-0817 sugarcoatedimages-0823