Aria is 13 days new | Reno Newborn Photographer


This gorgeous baby girl was so patient with me. Not a single fuss while I moved her all around.

sugarcoatedimages-6415 sugarcoatedimages-6433

And look at all that HAIR!

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If you would like to book a newborn session for your adorable bundle, email The best time to reserve your spot is while you are pregnant.

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Shively Wedding – Reno Wedding Photographer

Everything about this wedding was perfect. The couple was adorable, the location gorgeous, the colors soft, and the guests were fun.

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Less than 8 hours old – Reno Birth Photography

One of the newest options from Sugar Coated Images is a fresh 48 session. This is a session that takes place right in the hospital room, capturing those precious first moments together. It can be just the new parents and baby, or such as this case, may include family members stopping by to meet the new bundle for the first time.

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Baby M is One! – Reno Baby Photography

I had the opportunity to photograph this adorable red head as a newborn and again on her first birthday. And despite the sprinkling rain, we captured smiles and some adorable moments.

sugarcoatedimages-0832 sugarcoatedimages-0870 sugarcoatedimages-0874 sugarcoatedimages-0805 sugarcoatedimages-0812 sugarcoatedimages-0817 sugarcoatedimages-0823

Baby R – Reno Newborn Photography

I love the contrast between tattoos and newborn babies. Using a parents hands as props during a session is a common thing for me to do. But when I can showcase some of the parent’s art along with the baby, those images instantly become my favorite. In this case, Dad already had his son’s name on his hand. I love the images that resulted. SugarCoatedImages177SugarCoatedImages174 SugarCoatedImages116 SugarCoatedImages166SugarCoatedImages131 SugarCoatedImages137  SugarCoatedImages151SugarCoatedImages155 SugarCoatedImages142

Sweet Baby Boy – Reno Newborn Photographer

This precious little guy tried his hardest to stay awake for his whole session. And when he was awake, he was so calm and interested in the camera. Don’t let him fool you, most newborns do not look right at the camera.

SugarCoatedImages-2815-3sugarcoatedimages-3sugarcoatedimages-3-2 SugarCoatedImages-2937-3  SugarCoatedImages-2850-3SugarCoatedImages-2917-3