Twins First Year – Reno Baby & Family Photography

This last year I have had the pleasure of documenting milestones in these sweet babies lives. I have been able to watch them grow and change from sleeping newborns to active toddlers. Here are a few of my favorite shots from their sessions.

– Maternity –

Even with two tiny humans growing inside, this Momma managed to look flawless.

 SugarCoatedImages-9700.2  SugarCoatedImages-9697.2SugarCoatedImages-9678.2 SugarCoatedImages-9695.2

– Newborn –

Is there anything more Awwww worthy than 2 sleeping babies? I think not!

sugarcoatedimages-2-3SugarCoatedImages-3436_2SugarCoatedImages-3480_2sugarcoatedimages-2SugarCoatedImages-3508_1   SugarCoatedImages-3374_2  sugarcoatedimages-2-2

– 3 months –

This is one of my favorite ages. Well, actually all babies are my favorite. But I love the chunky cheeks of a 3 month old baby!

sugarcoatedimages-0782-2 SugarCoatedImages-0798 SugarCoatedImages-0776 SugarCoatedImages-0853

– 6 months –

Learning to sit and starting to show some more personality.

SugarCoatedImages-3922SugarCoatedImages-4101.2  SugarCoatedImages-4030.2 SugarCoatedImages-3968.2 SugarCoatedImages-4062.2

– 9 months –

So different and so much a like.

SugarCoatedImages30_1_2 SugarCoatedImages37_1_2 SugarCoatedImages22_1 SugarCoatedImages17_1 SugarCoatedImages11_1

Happy 1st Birthday!

Cake anyone?

SugarCoatedImages074 SugarCoatedImages070 SugarCoatedImages048SugarCoatedImages064  sugarcoatedimages-023 SugarCoatedImages012 SugarCoatedImages003

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