Shively Wedding – Reno Wedding Photographer

Everything about this wedding was perfect. The couple was adorable, the location gorgeous, the colors soft, and the guests were fun.

SugarCoatedImages-26_1 SugarCoatedImages-38_1 SugarCoatedImages-48 SugarCoatedImages-51_1 SugarCoatedImages-57 SugarCoatedImages-65 SugarCoatedImages-67 SugarCoatedImages-75 SugarCoatedImages-78 SugarCoatedImages-84 SugarCoatedImages-85 SugarCoatedImages-88 SugarCoatedImages-92 SugarCoatedImages-100 SugarCoatedImages-105 SugarCoatedImages-165 SugarCoatedImages-167 SugarCoatedImages-253 SugarCoatedImages-280 SugarCoatedImages-289 SugarCoatedImages-292 SugarCoatedImages-293 SugarCoatedImages-300 SugarCoatedImages-306_1 SugarCoatedImages-454_1SugarCoatedImages-342_1 SugarCoatedImages-359_1 SugarCoatedImages-413_1

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