Red Riding Hood – Reno Photography


Every once in a while, I get the chance to work just for fun. No end goal, no specific needs, no deadlines; a chance to be creative for the sake of doing what I love. This shoot was one of those times.


These lovely ladies allowed me to run with an idea, and they worked it!

SugarCoatedImages-4491 SugarCoatedImages-4640

A female “big bad wolf” was a bit different, and could have been a disaster. But Taissa rocked it, and made me believe she was fierce.

SugarCoatedImages-4698 SugarCoatedImages-4533

And though Red Riding Hood is normally portrayed as a little girl, Dinara took her role to a whole other level; Fearless and sexy.


It took a team to make this shoot a success. And I want to thank the ever talented Naomi Vaughan for the amazing hair, Jennifer Lydick for the incredible make-up, and of course Taissa Lytchenko and Dinara Mufazalova for their beautiful modeling skills.

A Russian Themed Shoot

This last weekend I had the opportunity to work with two beautiful models, who wanted to  do a Russian themed photo shoot.


Working with models is not typical for me. But this shoot was a lot of fun, and allowed me to explore a different side of my photography.


And these talented girls made it way too easy for me to capture some stunning images.

SugarCoatedImages-1621 SugarCoatedImages-1324

SugarCoatedImages-1607  SugarCoatedImages-1557

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