Red Riding Hood – Reno Photography


Every once in a while, I get the chance to work just for fun. No end goal, no specific needs, no deadlines; a chance to be creative for the sake of doing what I love. This shoot was one of those times.


These lovely ladies allowed me to run with an idea, and they worked it!

SugarCoatedImages-4491 SugarCoatedImages-4640

A female “big bad wolf” was a bit different, and could have been a disaster. But Taissa rocked it, and made me believe she was fierce.

SugarCoatedImages-4698 SugarCoatedImages-4533

And though Red Riding Hood is normally portrayed as a little girl, Dinara took her role to a whole other level; Fearless and sexy.


It took a team to make this shoot a success. And I want to thank the ever talented Naomi Vaughan for the amazing hair, Jennifer Lydick for the incredible make-up, and of course Taissa Lytchenko and Dinara Mufazalova for their beautiful modeling skills.

Dancing Over the Biggest Little City


This beautiful dancer is my sister in-law, Aleasha. I have been fortunate enough to know her since she was fairly young and watch her grow and mature into the amazing young woman she is today. These days she is busy working and planning her wedding. But every once and a while I get the opportunity to pull her aside and use her as a model while I play around with new techniques.


This is the first time I have done a shoot at night. And while it is far from perfect, since I am just learning this new lighting, I am still happy with the images we captured.

SugarCoatedImages-2044 SugarCoatedImages-2069Aleasha is a hip hop dancer. Don’t let her petite stature or pretty looks fool you, as her shirt and hat read, she is a BEAST when it comes to dancing.

SugarCoatedImages-2030 SugarCoatedImages-2041 SugarCoatedImages-2083

If you would like to do a night shoot and capture this gorgeous city of ours in your portraits, email today!

A Russian Themed Shoot

This last weekend I had the opportunity to work with two beautiful models, who wanted to  do a Russian themed photo shoot.


Working with models is not typical for me. But this shoot was a lot of fun, and allowed me to explore a different side of my photography.


And these talented girls made it way too easy for me to capture some stunning images.

SugarCoatedImages-1621 SugarCoatedImages-1324

SugarCoatedImages-1607  SugarCoatedImages-1557

SugarCoatedImages-1550 SugarCoatedImages-1643