Baby H is 6 weeks new | Reno Newborn Photographer

This beautiful baby was a little older than I normally shoot ‘newborns’ but she rocked her session and we got some gorgeous images. I love that she kept giving little grins, and when she was wide awake she was very calm and gave the best eye contact.

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The Amerine Family | Fernley Family Photographer

This is the second time I have had the pleasure of working with this lovely family. I am in love with the colors they chose and how well coordinated their outfits are. The girls giggled and played through most of this session, making for some wonderful smiles.

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The Cambra Family | Reno Family Photograher

First year clients are always my favorite, because I get to know them so well. This darling family just completed their 9 month session. I can’t believe that the next time I will photograph this sweet girl she will be ONE! This family session was just perfect and everyone was all smiles.

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Baby B is 9 Days New | Reno Newborn Photographer

This beautiful bundle was so cooperative for her session. Her mama said she loved all things sparkly and girly. I think we achieved that. ūüôā

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Baby H is just lovely | Reno Newborn Photographer

This precious little one is so petite and all arms and legs. She was very patient with me and allowed for several different set ups.¬†I loved being able to incorporate special props like mom’s wedding¬†dress and stethoscope.

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Baby C is an Angel | Reno Newborn Photographer

This little beauty gave me a run for it at the beginning of her session. But once we got to know each other, she settled into the deepest sleep and let me capture her sweet little face and full head of dark hair with no problems.

The best time to schedule your newborn session is while you are pregnant. For more information or to book your session e-mail

Jessica is a senior!

I always enjoy working with high school seniors. It is a nice change to have my subject want(usually) to cooperate. I am, of course, comparing this to working with toddlers. ūüôā Jessica is a beauty and a wonderful soul. Her portraits are some of my favorite.

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Twins First Year – Reno Baby & Family Photography

This last year I have had the pleasure of documenting milestones in these sweet babies lives. I have been able to watch them grow and change from sleeping newborns to active toddlers. Here are a few of my favorite shots from their sessions.

– Maternity –

Even with two tiny humans growing inside, this Momma managed to look flawless.

 SugarCoatedImages-9700.2  SugarCoatedImages-9697.2SugarCoatedImages-9678.2 SugarCoatedImages-9695.2

– Newborn –

Is there anything more Awwww worthy than 2 sleeping babies? I think not!

sugarcoatedimages-2-3SugarCoatedImages-3436_2SugarCoatedImages-3480_2sugarcoatedimages-2SugarCoatedImages-3508_1   SugarCoatedImages-3374_2  sugarcoatedimages-2-2

– 3 months –

This is one of my favorite ages. Well, actually all babies are my favorite. But I love the chunky cheeks of a 3 month old baby!

sugarcoatedimages-0782-2 SugarCoatedImages-0798 SugarCoatedImages-0776 SugarCoatedImages-0853

– 6 months –

Learning to sit and starting to show some more personality.

SugarCoatedImages-3922SugarCoatedImages-4101.2  SugarCoatedImages-4030.2 SugarCoatedImages-3968.2 SugarCoatedImages-4062.2

– 9 months –

So different and so much a like.

SugarCoatedImages30_1_2 SugarCoatedImages37_1_2 SugarCoatedImages22_1 SugarCoatedImages17_1 SugarCoatedImages11_1

Happy 1st Birthday!

Cake anyone?

SugarCoatedImages074 SugarCoatedImages070 SugarCoatedImages048SugarCoatedImages064  sugarcoatedimages-023 SugarCoatedImages012 SugarCoatedImages003